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Which are the possible status for a subscription?
Which are the possible status for a subscription?

Discover the possible status for a subscription in Rebill and teir meanings

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You may change your subscription's status at anytime. This allows you to own full control over the payment behavior of a given subscription.

This are the 6 possible status for a subscription in Rebill:

  1. Active. This status will allow recurring payments to be done automatically, with the selected frequency setted in the priced used to create the subscription.

  2. Paused. This status will paused automatic debits to be done upon the customer payment method temporarily. You may active the subscription again at anytime.

  3. Cancelled. This status will stop automatic debits to be done on the customer payment method permanently. If creating a subscription is needed, you may create it without asking the customer's payment method details all over againg following the instructions given in this article.

  4. Retrying. A given subscription will have this status if its recurring payment is rejected by the payment gateway. An automatic retrying strategy conformed by 6 more retries will be executed in order to recover the failed payment.

    Keep in mind it will not be possible to apply changes to subscriptions on 'Retrying' status. If you want to stop the retrying strategy before is finished, please contact us at

  5. Defaulted. If the automatic retrying strategy fails to collect the recurring payment, the subscription will take a 'Defaulted' status and stop making debits from the customer's payment method. As a merchant, you will be able to easily identify subscriptions on 'retrying' status by using the status filters located in the 'Subscriptions' section. You will also be able to manually charge this customer going into the Detail of each subscription and using the 'Process Payment' button.

  6. Finished. This status only applies to 'Cyclick' type of subscriptions. Once all setted payments are collected in a cyclic subscription, it will take the 'finished' status, which indicates the total expected payments were donde successfully.

If you find yourself needing assitance, reach out to us by chat, located in the botton right-hand sight of your screen in our home page or by email to

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