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How to create payment links
How to create payment links

Learn how to create products and prices so you can start sharing payment links to your customers

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After setting up an address for your organization and adding your payment gateways, you will be all set up to start collecting payments by sharing payment links.

To do so, go through the following steps:

  1. Log into your Dashboard.

  2. Go to 'Products' section, in the panel located on the left side of your Dashboard

  3. Click on 'Create product' and choose a name and a description for your product. Bear in mind that this will be the name of the product shown to your customers in the checkout, hence it is important to choose a name that helps your customers to identify what are they paying or subscribing to.

  4. Click on 'Detail', located on the right hand side of the new product's row, and then click on 'Create price'. You will be able to create as many prices as you need.

  5. Choose the type of price, being 'Unique' if you want to charge your customer just once, 'Cyclic' to charge your customer an specific amount of times or 'Recurrent' to charge your customers infinitely until you decide to pause or cancel their subscription.

    • In the case you are creating a cyclic type of price you will need to specify the amount of times you want to charge your customer in the field 'Number of cycles' and the frequency, whilst if you intend to create a recurrent type of price, you will need to choose a frequency.

  6. Choose the payment gateway you want to use to collect the payments of customers subscribing to this link.

  7. Add a description. This will also be shown to your customers in the checkout.

  8. Choose the currency and click on 'Save'.

  9. Click on 'Create link'. In this step you need to specify which information it is going to be requested in the checkout to your customers in order for them to complete a payment. You can add a callback URL as well.

  10. Click on 'Open Link' and share the URL to all your customers.

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