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How to add a payment gateway
How to add a payment gateway

Set up all your payment gateways in order to start charging your customers using Rebill

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Once you set up an address for your organization, you will need a payment gateway to process all your transactions.

To add a payment gateway, please follow the following steps:

1. Log into your Dashboard or sign up for Rebill here.

2. Go to 'Gateways' section, in the panel located on the left side of your Dashboard.

3. Click on the 'Add' button corresponding to the gateway you intent to process payments with.

4. Complete the required information and click 'Ok'.

Bear in mind that you should choose a description for the gateway that allows you to identify it easily when creating your prices. For example: you could use one Mercado Pago gateway for each country there you are collecting payments, so a good description would be 'Mercado Pago - Colombia' or 'Mercado Pago - Argentina'.

This way it will be way easier to choose the payment gateway you want to use when creating products and prices in Rebill.

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