Why Rebill?

Reasons why you will enjoy more benefits from using Rebill rathen than a payment gateway.

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Whether you need to optimize time and money in a startup, to help a company in a "growth" stage to accelerate regional expansion or to streamline processes in a large and complex organization, Rebill is the solution your company needs, adapting even to the most complex payment scenarios.

Our solution adapts in the same way to any company or industry: it can be, for example, an e-commerce that sells a wide catalog of products, a Saas with multiple plans / subscription levels or an e-learning company that seeks to offer classes or trial days, among other use cases.

With Rebill, you can grow exponentially without adding more teamwork, by automating every stage of your collection management.

What can you do with Rebill?

Rebill lets you have full control of any payment scenario, such as one-time collections (for a one single product sale), cyclic payments or subscriptions: you choose the payment frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, annual, etc), being able to also define the debit date for your customers.

In addition, Rebill integrates in one single platform the main regional payment gateways (Stripe, Mercado Pago and dLocal), capable of processing payments in more than 10 countries and currencies all over Latin America.

This simplifies your regional expansion, by scaling your business in the best conditions: accepting more payment methods – even those your customers already use – and consequently increasing your conversion and approval rate.

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