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How to use the Checkout Landing?
How to use the Checkout Landing?

Get a pre-built website that you can customize with your own logo and domain. Share it to receive one-time or recurring payments.

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Checkout Landing

It is a pre-made website which is capable of creating subscriptions, updating cards and processing payments.

The domain can be customized, and according to the domain from which the you connects, the logo of the corresponding organization is loaded.


The page has Spanish and English language. By default it is in Spanish, but if you want you can define the default language in English by adding the /en parameter in the URL, example:

We can also include the /pt parameter if we want to pre-assign Portuguese language.

Redirect URL query param




Adds subscription ID in callback URL


Adds payment ID in callback URL


Adds both, subscription and payment ID in callback URL


Query parameters and special cases




Customer data pre-allocation

You can complete all or only the parameters that you want the page not to ask your client:

  • firstName

  • lastName

  • email

  • documentType, it is the type of documentation (take into account the table of documents according to the country where it operates to assign the value to this parameter).

  • documentNumber, it is the respective numeric value (without symbols) of the document.

  • phoneAreaCode, it is the local area code (without country code).

  • phoneNumber

  • addressStreet

  • addressNumber

  • addressZipCode, it is the postal code (it must be a numeric value).

  • addressCity

  • addressRegion, it is the province, region or state.

  • addressFloor, it is the floor where the apartment is located, in the case there is one.

  • addressApartment, it is the apartment number of the given address.

  • addressCountry, it is the country of the given address.

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