Rebill Documentation

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What's Rebill?

Process payments in over 10 countries and collect the funds in the country where your company is incorporated.

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Why you should use Rebill?

A gateway where you always get human support and you only pay for what you use, no hidden costs or fees.

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Cash, Bank transfer, and e-wallet payments.

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Receive notifications in other systems for different customer lifecycle events.

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Crossborder Payments

Collect as a local over cards, bank transfer, e-wallets and more in 10+ countries of LATAM.


Create a flexible billing setup that supports recurring payments or charges based on use, with added benefits like multiple pricing tiers, discount codes, and free trials.

Checkout Landing

Launch no-code checkout with your own company logo and domain.

Payment Link

Learn about the message model and how to create, retrieve, update, delete, and list messages.


Optimize your customer lifecycle with automated and omnichannel communications, setting up your own email domain and SMS templates.


Get advanced SaaS reports like ARR, MRR, Churn Rate, LTV and more.

Smart Retries

Set your own frequency rules to automatically retry failed subscription payments, reducing customer churn and increasing your retention rate.

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